Existing Brownfields in Ohio

Despite Clean Ohio’s success, Ohio still contains thousands of brownfield sites.  They are located in both large and small towns, and are a legacy of the state’s industrial past.  Besides being major eyesores and a drag on property values, they pose a hazard to human health and pull down property values and hinder redevelopment in the neighborhood around them. The following are some examples of brownfields that are a high priority for cleanup in their communities.  

Republic 3.jpg

City of Canton

Former Republic Storage, 1038 Belden Ave, NE 
A one-million sf facility closed in 2015.  The city would like to keep the building in manufacturing use but extensive cleanup and renovation is required.  

Weber Dental, 2206 13th St NE
A former factory that produced dental chairs and other equipment.

City of Cleveland

Warner and Swasey Building  - 5701 Carnegie Ave. (Midtown)
Formerly the site of well-known maker of industrial machine tools, the Warner and Swasey building has been vacant since the mid-1980s.  The building recently underwent asbestos remediation at the cost of $1.3 million.  The 22-acre site is surrounded by a low-income residential neighborhood that needs the redevelopment opportunity represented by the location.  


PRT-Bedford Heights-web-320x240.jpg

City of Bedford Heights

Former Metaldyne Site - 25661 Cannon Road 
A 4.3-acre site that was formerly used for die-casting automotive parts.  The property is heavily contaminated with PCBs.  The Council of Development Finance Agencies, through its EPA-funded Brownfield Technical Assistance Program, organized a meeting in 2016 with stakeholders and a group of development experts.  The project report identified three alternative scenarios for redevelopment.