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Greater Ohio Policy Center endeavors to turn our state’s abundant supply of water, perhaps its greatest natural asset, into a comparative advantage by equipping our water and sewer systems with the best and most innovative financing options while also exploring the benefits of "green" approaches to storm water control.

Assessing the Water/Sewer Infrastructure of Ohio's Cities

Like many places in the country, Ohio’s cities have fallen behind in making needed investments in water and sewer infrastructure. Many districts have made nominal investments while some, for various reasons, have opted to delay addressing these challenges altogether. However, further postponing this infrastructure repair will only compound current problems. Greater Ohio Policy Center documents  the many challenges facing Ohio’s cities and smaller communities as they prepare to upgrade water and sewer systems. Read more here.

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Providing Policy Solutions to Strengthen Ohio’s Infrastructure

GOPC has developed recommendations for new financing programs to help address unmet infrastructure and redevelopment needs in both large and small cities and communities. Aging infrastructure poses a threat to human health and the overall quality of life, but also creates an opportunity for new creative strategies. Approaches to water infrastructure are changing rapidly, with “green” alternatives to traditional storm water capture and filtration becoming more commonplace and cities exploring how to reuse vacant or abandoned property for this purpose. New technologies are making it possible to generate electricity from wastewater treatment so utilities can lower costs.  GOPC advocates for policy changes that will create these options for communities and in ways that are not financially burdensome. Read more here.

Water Infrastructure in Small Communities

Thousands of local governments provide drinking water and wastewater services in Ohio.  These systems, especially in villages and small towns, are finding it increasingly difficult to meet financial and technical requirements.  GOPC is working with a coalition of organizations in the Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group to educate local governments about the value of partnering and using shared services to lower costs and achieve economies of scale.  To learn more,

Recent Publications

Strengthening Ohio’s Water Infrastructure:
Financing and Policy

GOPC explores how state leadership can promote new ways of doing business in the water utility sector that can increase long-run financial sustainability. 

Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Control Memo

Greater Ohio Policy Center is conducting research and analysis to develop solutions to modernize Ohio’s aging water and sewer infrastructure in a manner affordable to Ohio cities.

An Assessment of Ohio Cities’ Water and Sewer Infrastructure

GOPC Report assesses infrastructure challenges facing communities and discusses opportunities for upgrades. 

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