Ohio Small Legacy Cities ListServ

This group is intended to serve as a method of information sharing for leaders from smaller legacy cities around Ohio.  This ListServ is administered and moderated by the Greater Ohio Policy Center, a non-profit based in Columbus, Ohio whose mission is to champion urban revitalization and sustainable growth. In addition to serving as a method of communication across the network of smaller legacy cities, GOPC will also make periodic announcements through the ListServ. We encourage listserv members to share information relevant to Ohio’s small legacy cities and to use this as a forum to discuss topics of common interest.

All messages sent through the ListServ will be approved by staff at GOPC before being sent to the entire group. GOPC reserves the right to remove messages that are off-topic or not appropriate for this ListServ.

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How to create a new topic:

When you wish to create a new topic, you need to send a new email to the list directly: ohio-small-legacy-cities@googlegroups.com. Creating a new email will create an entirely new thread with that subject.

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Posting guidelines

  • Do not forward these emails unless explicit permission is given. If you would like someone to be added to the ListServ, please send their information to jcollier@greaterohio.org
  • Topics are limited to those involving and affecting smaller legacy cities in Ohio, please no completely off topic postings.
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Need Help?

For questions regarding the listserv, please contact John Collier at jcollier@greaterohio.org