GOPC builds relationships and convenes stakeholders to share information, support local programs, and tackle policy challenges.


Reinvention Cities Network

Reinvention Cities of Ohio is the new face of Ohio’s 16 small legacy cities - cities with an industrial past who have lost population since their 20th century peaks. To present a bold vision for the future of their communities, a bipartisan, cross-sector network of leaders from small legacy cities released “A Vision for Ohio’s Reinvention Cities.” Endorsed by more than thirty organizations representing the private, public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, this forward-looking agenda outlines achievable state policies that are key to ensuring the revitalization of Ohio’s Reinvention Cities.


Ohio Revitalization Steering Committee

The Ohio Revitalization Steering Committee (RSC) is an advisory group organized to provide advice and input to the Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) on policies that will mitigate vacant and abandoned properties and generate marketable properties.  These properties are the backbone for revitalized and sustainable neighborhoods.

The RSC is comprised of bankers, non-profit leaders, and public sector officials. The RSC convenes quarterly to inform GOPC’s understanding of the range of challenges and obstacles facing the public, private and non-profit sectors that deal with no- and low-value properties on a daily basis.


Affordable Housing Learning Exchange

The Affordable Housing Learning Exchange exists to cross-pollinate strategies for the preservation and expansion of available and accessible affordable housing throughout Ohio. Local practitioners from remarkably different regions approached GOPC to facilitate and steward a peer-learning forum in 2018.  Meeting quarterly, Exchange members are sharing local strategies and discovering similar challenges between each other, despite differences in market strength and population size. Exchange members represent metropolitan housing authorities, community development intermediaries and technical assistance providers, Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing developers.


Ohio CDFI Network

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) lend money to people and in places where conventional lending is scarce. Ohio’s CDFI loan funds established a professional network to share best practices and collaborate on shared issues.