Our policy platforms are based on objective data, not politics, and we work with both sides of the aisle to achieve our goals. 


Clean Ohio 2.0

Ohio has the potential to bring millions of dollars in additional investment, enhance job growth, and foster economic development through the continued investment in brownfield redevelopment. Found in every county, these 9,000+ former industrial and commercial sites are unusable in their current condition.


Fueling Innovation in Transit

Public transportation is a lifeline; connecting workers to jobs and vulnerable populations to the services they need. Just a few short years ago, the Ohio Department of Transportation noted in their Transit Needs Study that the need and demand for transit is changing in response to both underlying demographic change in Ohio’s population and to cultural preferences.


2018 Policy Platform

The mission of the Greater Ohio Policy Center is to champion revitalization and sustainable growth. We believe Ohio deserves robust, effective policies and practices that reinvigorate communities.


2018 Candidate Questions

It is imperative that state policymakers, including the next governor, be well informed about the issues and opportunities facing Ohio. What follows, is a series of questions that GOPC believes candidates should have answers for going into the 2018 election.