What We Do

Research by Greater Ohio Policy Center and others have shown that sprawling land use and development patterns have become economically, environmentally, and socially unsustainable for the state and its regions. GOPC’s projects investigate policies, strategies, and best practices to strengthen Ohio’s economic competitiveness through regional cooperation, bolster nodes of economic activity that drive Ohio’s economy, and maximize limited resources.

Encouraging Collaboration

Ohio is a state of metros and in the 21st century, it is metros that successfully compete on state, regional, national and international scales.  

Our research on brownfield remediation, transportation innovation, and infrastructure modernization all contribute to the goal of improved regional economic development coordination. 

Identifying Efficiencies for the 21st Century

In the era of scare resources and budget constraints, GOPC is dedicated to identifying efficiencies that reduce costs and improve Ohio’s prospects of sustainable growth. GOPC has documented the cost savings achieved through reduction in service redundancies and increased coordination among local entities. Additionally, GOPC continues to provide expertise on tactics that acknowledge rising legacy costs and declining tax base, such as consolidated governance structures and shared services.

Recent Publications

Shared Services
Research Briefs

Sharing responsibility for Ohio’s roadways can lead to cost savings and improved service quality for taxpayers.

Sales Tax Analysis

Greater Ohio regularly analyzes trends in Ohio’s sales tax revenue to evaluate how well Ohio’s tax policies match with the lifestyles of Ohioans.