Webinars for Commercial Vacant Property Redevelopment

Greater Ohio Policy Center, in partnership with the Ohio CDC Association, presented four webinars in the summer of 2015 that explained how to accomplish various aspects of commercial vacant property redevelopment and commercial district revitalization in legacy communities.

In 2014, GOPC, in partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and the Center for Community Progress, released the publication Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities: A Guidebook to Linking Property Reuse and Economic Revitalization. Utilizing this guidebook as a basis for the webinars, each webinar features expert panelists with on-the-ground experience in webinar subject matter.

The webinars are designed as “How To” guides for local leaders, identifying strategies and tools that leverage the link between available commercial properties and economic re-growth strategies in legacy cities. The content of the webinars, as described below, matches the overall process of commercial property redevelopment and reuse.

All of the following Webinars are free to view. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page to register before viewing the Webinar. 

June 24, 2015 Webinar

This first webinar provides an overview of the first steps of any commercial revitalization process. These steps involve gaining an understanding the targeted property type and the specifics of its context, developing a plan for commercial revitalization that leverages the advantages of commercial vacant properties, and coordinating cross-sector partnerships around a framework for action. During this webinar, we present a commercial property typology, which breaks down the diversity of commercial property types; a description of the advantages of commercial vacant properties and the benefits of their reuse; and guidance on how to prepare for productive commercial property reuse. We also provide guidance on how to select an appropriate commercial vacant property reuse, maximizing the "match" between the property and its reuse.

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July 29, 2015 Webinar

The second webinar supplies tools and strategies that can be used to address the unique challenges of commercial real estate redevelopment. Additionally, strategies for motivating property owners to reuse commercial vacant properties and for gaining site control are covered in this webinar. Within these topics, GOPC covers tools and strategies that together can help practitioners in a variety of contexts return commercial vacant properties to productive use.

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August 26, 2015 Webinar

Commercial revitalization requires the productive reuse of redeveloped spaces. This webinar lays out strategies and models for managing commercial districts in addition to specific methods for developing and attracting business tenants. Methods for developing existing businesses and attracting desirable new economic uses are described as part of implementing an overall business district management approach. The combination of commercial property redevelopment and long-term business support programs may increase the potential for successful commercial revitalization.

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September 16, 2015 Webinar

Since the costs of commercial vacant property demolition, clean-up, and redevelopment can be prohibitively high, each of these activities require established and creative finacing sources in the future, especially in weaker markets and legacy cities. Various sources and ways of using capital from the private, public, and non-profit sectors are described in this webinar.

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