San Juan Unveils Plan for Car-Free Walkable City

We just came across an interesting article describing San Juan, Puerto Rico's proposal to transform the city's historic district, Isleta, into a car-free "Walkable City".  The ambitious plan was released recently, and it calls for bold approaches to make Isleta more livable and walkable.  Banning automobiles from Old San Juan and adding a light rail system are the first steps, followed by the revitalization of old neighborhoods, an emphasis on public spaces and walkability, and new mixed-use developments.

The motivation for the city re-design is partially due to the city’s massive decrease in population over the years.  By making the old city more appealing, the government of Puerto Rico hopes to reverse this trend.

While Puerto Rico and Ohio face many different challenges and therefore require different approaches, it is always interesting to see what innovative ideas are being discussed and proposed across the globe.  Do you think any of these ideas could work in Ohio?