Wind Energy in Ohio

By Gene Krebs. A new book has been published called Wind Energy in Ohio: Our Past, Present and Future.  It is a compilation of articles edited by Heidi Callender.  It highlights the potential for wind energy in Ohio and how it could help bring some manufacturing back to certain areas.  She dedicates the book to the people of Ohio with the hope that an educated public will appreciate Ohio’s past and present wind energy industry, and would be inspired to contribute to Ohio’s prosperous wind energy future.

There was a very successful book signing Tuesday night in Cleveland.  I’m in the preface because one evening over dinner at Schmidt’s in German Village with Heidi and her husband Jamie we discussed Ohio’s future.  My minor role was to give her a laundry list of people to contact, many of whom are in the book.  You can go to Amazon to get a copy.  You can’t have mine; Heidi signed it herself!