Thanksgiving Reflections

By Gene Krebs. At this time of Thanksgiving, many may not see what of immediate value these past several months of political frenzy have been.

Simple; we live in a self correcting system.

No one conquered us and told us to change our leaders.  We have problems, sure, like any country.  But our difference is that our system, like any good functioning democracy, has a method in place for the voice of the people to be heard.  Not heard evenly, or all with the same decibel level of voice, but a voice.

America has always struggled with the contradiction of being founded both as an economic construct, and a moral construct.  Jamestown was settled by people on the hustle, looking for gold, adventure and fortunes.  The Mayflower Colony was settled by people looking for religious freedom, and religious homogeneity.  Thanksgiving, although begun by the Puritans of Plymouth, now symbolizes to Americans both the moral (we are thankful and humble before God) and economic greed (the closest many will come to Roman standard of gluttony) on one groaning table, surrounded by friends and family.  After all, we never want anyone to eat alone on Thanksgiving, and there is a reason why.  It co-joins both halves of our American experience.