The S.C.O.R.E. Report

By Gene Krebs. Ohio is a data desert.  Recently an important tool to correct that was introduced.

Secretary of State Brunner has been working for some time on a data compilation for citizens available on a single web site, called S.C.O.R.E..

The right and the left of the political spectrum agree on the need for better transparency and accountability.  To prove the right is also involved, look at HB 420 of the 127th GA by Brinkman.  We testified in support of the bill and had an amendment incorporated requiring the Administration to be more transparent with data.  They ignored this aspect of the law, and refused to prepare the required reports.

Better data is needed for better transparency.  The SCORE report takes data from domain of the ruling elite and places it at the disposal of Bobby and Betty Buckeye.  Previously only members of the General Assembly or the Administration had regular access to this type of data; starting now all citizens can access it.

This is also good for business, as business responds to certainty, and this data gives businesses looking at Ohio fewer blind spots.

This is a good thing for Ohio.