Land Bank Conference: June 5-7, 2011

Greater Ohio Policy Center's partner, Center for Community Progress, is hosting a Land Bank Conference in Detroit June 5-7, 2011.  Find out how to register for the conference here.

In many places across the country, land banking is becoming an integral part of community revitalization efforts, especially as America’s cities and towns have struggled to keep ahead of the foreclosure crisis and the resulting economic impacts over the past few years. Today more communities than ever are developing and strengthening land banking efforts to increase affordable housing, create market-based development opportunities, and implement alternative land reuses.

Participation in the 2011 Land Bank Conference will help you identify how land banking and tax foreclosure strategies can catalyze development of effective solutions to unlocking the value of vacant, abandoned, and problem properties.

The conference attracts hundreds of professionals from across the country and from diverse backgrounds including: elected officials, land bank staff and board members, for-profit and non-profit developers and the real estate industry, community foundations, greening initiatives, neighborhood and civic leaders, and local and state government officials.

The 2011 Land Bank Conference offers you two days of opportunities to build the effective skills and relationships needed to revitalize your communities, including:

  • Pre-conference training seminars
  • Twenty interactive breakout sessions covering a full range of issues related to land banking and tax foreclosure reform, including financing land banking operations, market-based strategies, vacant lot reutilization, and creating long-term affordable housing.
  • Two bus tours highlighting greening and redevelopment initiatives taking place in Detroit
  • Networking opportunities allowing you to exchange ideas with stakeholders from across the country.

Register by May 6 for just $150! We hope to see you there.