Greater Ohio Policy Center Unveils 2018 Public Policy Platform


The past decade has seen considerable progress as job growth has remained steady and communities across the state have experienced promising comebacks. Yet, cities and towns across the Buckeye state continue to struggle to find sites for new businesses and employees, and many of Ohio’s businesses are desperate to connect workers to job opportunities. Communities big and small are looking to enhance their quality of life for their citizens. These challenges threaten to obstruct the advancements that have been made across Ohio.

The mission of the Greater Ohio Policy Center is to champion revitalization and sustainable growth. We believe Ohio deserves robust, effective policies and practices that reinvigorate communities, strengthen regional cooperation, and preserve open spaces and farmland.

With this in mind, we are pleased to unveil our 2018 Policy Platform. These recommendations for Ohio’s next statewide leaders and legislative policymakers builds on Ohio’s recent success by recognizing potential, leveraging momentum, connecting people to places, and reviving our most important assets. These are pragmatic polices for a brighter future and includes

  • Increasing new opportunities for job growth and residential development by redeveloping brownfields
  • Better connecting workers to jobs by innovating Ohio’s transportation system
  • Bolstering economic competitiveness by ensuring communities have the means to engineer long-term prosperity
  • Ensuring safe, affordable water and sewer services for businesses and residents

You can read the full policy platform at our website. Simply go to