Highlighting GOPC’s Decade of Impact

2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) as a nonprofit 501(c)3 focused on championing revitalization and sustainable growth in Ohio. To celebrate this occasion, GOPC has compiled A Decade of Impact to look back at the success GOPC has realized as a public policy organization.

A Decade of Impact highlights six of the major areas of focus of GOPC’s work over the last ten years, including:


From the publication of the Restoring Prosperity to Ohio report and the passage of the county land bank bill in 2010 to the recent success of making it easier for cities to clean up contaminated brownfield sites in the 2017 state budget, GOPC continues to advance an ambitious policy blueprint aimed at restoring prosperity in the state. Recently described as “the conscience of Ohio”, GOPC carries forward a vision that Ohio lead the nation in building statewide economic prosperity and establishing sustainable growth in its urban and regional communities.

Ohio is a far different place today than it was in 2008, but GOPC’s core issues and mission remain the same. We look forward to continuing to build on Ohio’s successes by recognizing potential, leveraging momentum, connecting people to places, and reviving our most important assets – our cities and towns. 

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