GOPC Releases Recommendations on Generating Dedicated Funding for Public Transit in Ohio

Columbus, OH (September 24, 2018) – Greater Ohio Policy Center released a new white paper today, Fueling Innovation in Transit: Potential Funding Options for Public Transit, which presents three funding recommendations to Ohio’s next governor and legislative leaders.  These three sources would generate as much as $123 million in new state funding for Ohio’s public transit agencies.

“Ohio is a diverse state, requiring a range of transportation options,” said Alison Goebel, Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) Executive Director. “But calls for more public transit are shared statewide. The scant amount of state investment in our transit systems has hindered efforts to sustain or expand services where they are needed.”

GOPC has conducted a thorough review of 20 different potential funding options and narrowed its recommendations to sources that produce a high revenue stream, yet also have a minimal impact on the public at large. GOPC recommends any new funding should be used to help Ohio’s transit systems innovate, make capital investments, and continue providing high quality operations.

GOPC urges Ohio’s next governor and the state legislature to work together and prioritize funding for public transportation in 2019 by:

  • Doubling the amount of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funding with $33 million in new public transit funding per year

  • Applying the state sales tax to parking services,  to generate $33 million per year in state funds and  dedicate this new revenue to public transit

  • Begin collecting sales tax on automobile sales from out-of-state residents who purchase cars and then immediately title the car in another state, generating $57 million per year

Public transportation is a vital link for millions of Ohioans, yet over the past two decades funding has  dropped to levels not seen since the 1980s. Transportation is an essential component to our state’s economic  strategy. In order to meet market demand for 21st century transportation options, Ohio must prioritize and diversify its transportation network to better connect workers to jobs and assist Ohioans in accessing basic and vital services.  Additional funding for transit should help Ohio’s 61 transit agencies to more efficiently meet market demand and the needs and expectations of consumers.  

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