Meet Governor DeWine's New Cabinet

Governor DeWine has finalized appointments to his cabinet. Below GOPC has profiled the new leaders of the Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency because our issue areas frequently overlap with these important state agencies.

We look forward to working with the newly appointed agency directors on crafting policy solutions that support smart growth strategies and advocate for the success of Ohio communities. 

Agency Directors-Jack Marchbanks.jpg

Jack Marchbanks, Ph.D., Ohio Department of Transportation

Jack Marchbanks was previously the assistant director for business and human resources at the Department of Transportation where he was responsible for the management of the department’s 5,000 employees and the development of ODOT’s $3.3 billion dollar budget. Mr. Marchbanks is responsible for the strategic direction of the agency’s finance, human resources, IT, legal and communications divisions and the opportunity, diversity and inclusion programs. He is a former member of the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) and has worked in the private sector as Business Development & Marketing Director for PRIME AE Group, Inc. 

Agency Directors-Lydia Mihalik.jpg

Lydia Mihalik, Ohio Development Services Agency

Lydia Mihalik was the 55th Mayor of the City of Findlay, Ohio, the first woman to hold the city’s top post. Mihalik gave special attention to issues of flood mitigation, job creation, and improving the way that the city delivers services to their residents.

She is currently a board member for the Ohio Mayors Alliance, and has served on the Advisory Board for the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and appointed Chair of the USCM Standing Committee on Children, Health and Human Services. Since 2018, she has served as Vice Chair of the USCM Women Mayors Leadership Alliance.

Agency Directors-Laurie-Stevenson.jpg

Laurie Stevenson, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Laurie Stevenson was previously the deputy director for business relations at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She acted as the primary contact for regulated entities to help coordinate permitting activities within the agency, particularly for complex projects requiring multiple permits.

A public servant of 29 years, she previously served as the industrial liaison in the Director’s Office and managed Ohio EPA's Small Business Assistance Office (SBAO). She held previous positions in Ohio EPA's Division of Hazardous Waste Management, starting in the Southeast District Office as a hazardous waste field inspector.

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