GOPC launches the Good Ideas Initiative!

Today GOPC is launching our Good Ideas Initiative!  We are adding a new page to our website that will be a repository of good ideas and programs around revitalization that are currently underway in Ohio.  And there are a lot of them! From an innovative minority contractor loan program to partnerships for accelerating downtown revitalization to transit-oriented development, it’s happening here. Individuals and organizations are collaborating and working hard and smart to address the myriad of challenges facing Ohio’s cities. 

The national narrative surrounding Ohio and its urban areas is often dismal. National press often depicts Ohio’s cities as hollowed out ghost towns. The truth is, Ohio is a breeding ground for innovative programs and policies that make urban areas better places to live, work, and play.

Through case studies, view examples of how Ohio’s cities are countering the national narrative and making communities better today than they were yesterday. We are inspired by all the good work represented on this list and we hope you are too!