GOPC, FRBC to host Policy Briefing on Land Installment Contracts


The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (FRBC) and Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) will be jointly hosting a Policy Briefing on Land Installment Contracts on October 9, 2019.

Land installment contracts have long served as an alternative path to homeownership by allowing buyers to make direct payments to the seller over time until the house is paid in full. Under a land contract, the seller retains the legal title to the property, while permitting the buyer to take possession of it for most purposes other than legal ownership. While fair land contracts have existed and do exist in Ohio, many more contracts exist that are predatory and exploit vulnerable families who are liable to lose the home they are attempting to buy.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Greater Ohio Policy Center will explore:

  • Background on land installment contracts

  • How common land installment contracts are in Ohio

  • Local perspectives on land installment contracts and the dangers of “predatory land installment contracts” throughout Ohio

The policy briefing will take place on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at the Athletic Club of Columbus from 8:00-9:15 am. Registration begins at 7:30 am and will include a breakfast reception. If you are interested in learning more about how land contracts are usually structured, how prevalent land contracts are across the state, the negative consequences land contracts have on neighborhoods, and what policy changes could prevent negative outcomes, please join us for this thoughtful and information conversation.

To learn more or to register for this event, please contact Jason Warner, Greater Ohio’s Manager of Government Affairs, via email at