What will happen in 2009?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer released an article yesterday, "Ohio needs to be ready for economic rebound," which looks ahead to the "economy-building efforts and opportunities" that could happen in 2009. Although some of the efforts are focused on Northeast Ohio, the article adeptly outlines the challenges left from 2008 and possible strategies to Restore Prosperity to Ohio. Many of the initiatives outlined in the article closely align with the recommendations put forth by the Restoring Prosperity to Ohio initiative such as:

  • Regional Collaboration: The regional prosperity initiative put forth by the Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association
  • Targeted Investments: The "Strengthen the Strengths" strategy which calls for the identification of assets and targeting investments to develop them. One example of this is the expansion and development of University Circle in Cleveland; a job-growth hot spot which brings in investors.
  • Human Capital: Developing worker-training programs to equip workers with the skills demanded by companies

These are just a couple of examples of promising initiative occurring in Northeast Ohio. Do you think the state is on the right track in its efforts?  What development initiatives are going on in your area?

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