Future Funding for the Clean Ohio Fund Confirmed

Greater Ohio was heartened to learn on Tuesday, January 23, 2012, that the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund will continue to be funded, even as the Department of Development is reorganized into JobsOhio and the Development Services Agency.  The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund is an extremely important state program that helps cities and neighborhoods reclaim properties that have become unusable due to heavy contaminants and other dangerous chemicals associated with old manufacturing plants, old gas stations, and other hazardous building materials like asbestos.  To date, the Clean Ohio Fund has leveraged $10.00 of investment per grant dollar and has helped remediate sites that have gone onto be new warehouses, apartment buildings, and light industrial sites.  Check out this interactive map to find projects near you and summary of successful projects.

The Clean Ohio Fund is among the first in the nation and has been held up as an ideal model for other states.

We applaud the continuation of this indispensable program which has helped Ohio safely build upon its past and prepare itself for a prosperous future.