An Inspirtational Message

As the Restoring Prosperity to Ohio initiative begins the new year, we are comforted to learn that Ohioans from all areas of society are in support of sustainable development and are eager to see changes in the way the government does business. Just recently, the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article by the "Very Rev. Tracey Lind" who imagines the possibilities for Ohio and outlines how we can realize them. "Imagine a place where people, corporations and institutions thrive together. Imagine a metropolitan area where people are healthy because it is home to the world's finest medical care, recreation and local food; where children are well-educated because we boast outstanding universities, colleges and schools; where people are employed in sustainable jobs because we are surrounded by the power of water and wind; and where the quality of life is excellent because we have safe neighborhoods, vibrant faith communities and wonderful cultural institutions. In short, imagine a region that thrives because all of its abundant resources are working together for the common good." Read the full article