Greater Ohio 2012 Accomplishments

We are proud of the accomplishments we have made in 2012. To fill you in on what’s been going on at GOPC’s office and throughout the state in the past year, below is a list of our accomplishments within our three priority policy areas: Urban Core and Neighborhood Redevelopment, Transportation and Sustainable Growth, and Regional Governance Reform. Together, redeveloping our urban centers, expanding our transportation options, and fostering regional cooperation will contribute to smarter, more sustainable growth, improving our quality of life and economic competitiveness in Ohio.


Raising Our Statewide Profile:

  • Ohio Properties Redevelopment Institute. GOPC hosted this innovative two-day forum that promoted solutions to vacant and abandoned properties. Nearly 200 local leaders from municipalities and non-profit community development organizations across the state attended.
  • Moving Ohio Forward Grant Program. The Ohio Attorney General’s office contracted with the GOPC to provide technical assistance to communities for the Moving Ohio Forward Grant Program, which supports Ohio’s communities undertaking activities to demolish abandoned and vacant residential properties.
  • Panels and Keynotes. GOPC presented on urban revitalization issues over 20 times to a variety of audiences including Ohio code enforcement officers, Cincinnati’s Foreclosure Group, Cleveland’s Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council (VAPAC), and Heritage Ohio workshop attendees.
  • In the Media. In 2012, GOPC was quoted or cited over 50 times in Ohio’s major newspapers and other publications around the country. In one article about vacant properties, The Columbus Dispatch relied heavily on data and graphs produced by GOPC.

Extending Our Capacity & Impact through Partnerships:

  • Creation of the Revitalization Steering Committee. GOPC created this advisory committee of banks, public and nonprofit stakeholders to assist in the development and evaluation of essential policies and local practices to combat the vacant and abandoned property crisis and foster community revitalization.
  • Collaborating with Ohio's Urban Land Institute District Councils. GOPC and ULI are holding events in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus to forge an urban policy agenda for Ohio.
  • Working with Smart Growth America. GOPC worked with SGA on an advocacy campaign to reinstate funding for Partnership for Sustainable Communities Regional Planning and Community Challenge grants, which are housed at HUD.
  • Brookings Global Cities Initiative. GOPC participated in the planning and hosting of the Brookings Global Cities event in Columbus.

Legislative Advocacy:

  • Neighborhood Infrastructure Assistance Program. GOPC co-led a coalition of community development organizations creating a tax credit program for for-profit corporations that invest in place-based catalytic projects in communities around Ohio.


Advocating for Change and Building partnerships:

  • Transit Campaign Development. GOPC re-convened the Ohio Transportation Coalition in February. Through ongoing conversations with partners, GOPC will work to develop a statewide campaign for increasing funding for public transportation systems throughout the state.
  • Clean Ohio Coalition. GOPC participated in an environmental and conservation advocacy coalition around the Clean Ohio Fund.


Advocating for Change:

  • GOPC Presentations. GOPC regularly gave presentations urging reform of current governance structures for sustainable growth and regional economic development in Ohio. Audiences included First Suburbs representatives, government accountants, and community groups.
  • Testimony Defining Local Government Profile Report. GOPC continued advocacy for improved data collection on a variety of indicators relating to the fiscal health of the state and its local governments.
  • Columbus Metropolitan Club Series. GOPC developed a forum that spotlighted current efforts in Central Ohio that are fostering sustainable communities through collaborative, region-focused, relationships. Impact through Partnerships:
  • Tax Loophole Reform. GOPC continued collaboration with the Buckeye Institute and the Center for Community Solutions on joint calls for a critical review of Ohio’s tax expenditures.