One Community wants Technology for All

One Community, a local nonprofit broadband provider in Northeast Ohio, has recently embarked on an initiative to put 50,000 computers in Northeast Ohio schools over the next five years. The Cleveland Plain Dealer highlights the logistics of the plan and potential benefits. Companies like One Community are exactly what Ohio needs to revitalize its economy. Not only is this organization at the cutting edge of technology, it is also dedicated to increasing the well-being of Ohioans. As broadband communication becomes a vital asset, cities and businesses will rely more on companies like One Community to set up the basics of online communication. However, the company takes it one step further by also teaching organizations how to effectively use their new high-speed connections.

One example of how One Community operates occurs in connecting area hospitals to each other.

They put hospital within the same system on a network which allows them to set up VPN connections through the 41 hospital sites without having a charge for setting up point-to-point sites. This results in secure, connected sites at a cheap price. The speed of the connection also allows them to use the internet to share remote diagnostics, live CAT scans, and view live surgeries.