Are you happy with your location?

The Pew Research Center recently published a study that found "For Nearly Half of America, The Grass is Greener Somewhere Else." "This latest report explores a range of attitudes related to where Americans live, where they would like to live and why. It finds that most city dwellers think the grass would be greener in a suburb, small town or rural area. But urbanites aren't alone in feeling mismatched with their surroundings. More than four-in-ten residents of suburbs, small towns and rural areas also report they would prefer to live in a different type of community."

Not only did the study examine why some people are dissatisfied with their location, finding that political views can play a factor in this,  it also ranked cities that were deemed more livable than others. According to the study, most Americans prefer to live in the West or in the South while Midwestern cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit were voted the least popular.

This poses a large problem for cities in Ohio as we continuously see our youth and entrepreneurs leave for more climate friendly cities. It is vital that we change of our image and the way we do business in order to show the world that Ohio offer a multitude of lifestyles that fit their politcal, economic and cultural needs.