What I’ve Learned at GOPC - A Fond Farewell by Researcher Jacob Wolf

By Jacob Wolf, Research Associate On my last day at Greater Ohio, I’m taking a little time to thank the entire GOPC staff for what has been a valuable learning experience. I started my internship in September with a law license and a general idea of what “smart growth” was. I’ve since learned much more about the policy nuts and bolts of vacant and abandoned properties, transit planning, and green infrastructure—among many other issues. I’ve also learned about the process of advocacy and policy making and met decision-makers from around Ohio.

The experience and knowledge I gained at Greater Ohio helped me land a highly-sought position in the City of Columbus’s Land Redevelopment Office. I am excited to combine my law and planning backgrounds with my passion for urban revitalization to work in this new role. Thank you to Lavea, Alison, Christina, Marianne, Meg, and the rest of the Greater Ohio team for everything. I hope the next aspiring planner to serve in my role enjoys the same positive experience I’ve had. I’ll take the lessons I’ve learned here with me through my career.