Ohio Rocks...and here is why

The Ohio Business Development Coalition Blog met with business leaders around the state in order to compile the positive attributes of our great state. Here is what they came up with:

Ohio Business Leaders Discuss State’s Best-Kept Secrets

February 19th, 2009

Over the past year-and-a-half, I’ve spoken with Ohio business leaders and executives from across the state. Each shared with me their “best-kept” Ohio secrets. From these conversations, I’ve compiled my list of Top 10 Ohio’s Best-Kept Secrets.

  1. Home. Small-town feel with all the benefits and resources of a major city. In addition, short commutes to and from work make time for you to pursue personal passions.
  2. Low cost of living. You can have more house while providing your family with a balance of culture and some of the best public and private schools around.
  3. Excellent education. From preschool to higher education, Ohio is graduating students that will lead the world in business development and innovation.
  4. Central location. It’s easy to conduct business around the state with six international airports and 600 miles within 60 percent of the U.S. population and 50 percent of the Canadian population.
  5. Industry leader. Ohio is a leader in innovation and home to many great industries – agribusiness, automotive, bioscience, logistics, manufacturing, polymers, energy and aviation, and professional/financial services.
  6. Talented workforce. Ohio offers a diverse and talented labor pool of workers in a variety of key industries.
  7. Profitable business environment. Ohio’s business environment is designed to promote business development and entrepreneurship. The state has many strong workforce training programs and innovative job-creation and worker-retention programs such as the Ohio Third Frontier Project and the EnterpriseOhio Network.
  8. Lowest cost in the Midwest. Ohio is executing tax reform to substantially lower the cost of doing business in the state – with the lowest taxes in the Midwest by 2010.
  9. Strong supply chain. A strong supply chain across numerous key industries helps improve company efficiencies and profits.
  10. You can make a difference. In Ohio, you can make a meaningful difference in your community because you are not simply a "small fish in a big pond."

To sum it up: business leaders agree that when it comes to opportunities for business development, education, low cost of living, community impact, supply chain management and tax reform, Ohio truly is "The State of Perfect Balance."