An Ohio Transportation Update

Ohioans have been waiting with bated breath as the deadline neared for Ohio officials to agree on the proposed transportation budget. Some of the contentious items in the bill which caused delay included the seat belt clause, cameras in construction zones, increasing the speed limit for truckers and the construction of mass transit. However, today they reached a compromise on the bill and it passed in both the House and the Senate. For specific details of the plan click here.

Although this puts Ohio one step closer to its goal of mass-transit and sustainable communities, there is still a lot of work ahead as we apply for Federal Money required to bring the Ohio Hubs project to fruition. We also have to coordinate our efforts to build a train system that connects cities and offers riders a way to get to their destination once they arrive in a city. However, the potential benefits of this bill are enourmous and as RustBeltFriends blog writes, this is Good News for Ohio (and those traveling to and through it.