New Report Presents 26 Recommendations for State Action

Greater Ohio and the Brookings Institution on Friday released a series of action items designed to address Ohio’s growing foreclosure crisis. Contained in a draft paper authored by national housing expert Alan Mallach, titled “Addressing Ohio’s Foreclosure Crisis: Taking the next steps,” the action items outline 26 specific recommendations for state level policy changes. The paper, which will be formally released by Brookings later this spring, details current conditions and the actions the state has already taken to address the crisis, followed by a discussion of areas for future action. The release of the paper comes at a critical time.  Ohio now has the 3 rd highest foreclosure rate in the United States. Thousands of Ohioans have already lost their homes through foreclosure, and with statewide unemployment running above the national rate, thousands more are likely to experience this loss before the crisis has run its course. Greater Ohio is in the process of reaching out to key members of the General Assembly to incorporate various aspects of the paper into legislation focused on state action.

Click here to view the full newsletter article and download a copy of the report by Alan Mallach, Addressing Ohio's Foreclosure Crisis: Taking the next steps