Getting the Most bang for Your Buck: A lesson from Kansas City

What does it take to make the fullest impact with the federal stimuls dollars? Some officials in Kansas City believe it takes coordinated efforts, educated residents and targeted resources. The city has decided to focus a considerable amount of its stimulus dollars on the "Green Impact Zone of Missouri" which covers approximately 150 city blocks in the city center. Although many dissenters argue that it is unfair to distribute such a large proportion of the money on area of the city, city elected officials believe that increasing the Quality of Place in this zone will have a long-lasting impact on the revitalization of the city. The federal stimulus money will be used to educate citizen on weatherization techniques for houses, replacing old, inefficient furnaces and building new, green structures.

Ohio's cities could learn a great lesson from Kansas City in its quest to revitalize its urban areas and jumpstart the economy. In order for are cities to return the their past economic vitality it is important that they target resources by investing in their assets and redevelop the urban core.

To read more about the ambitions and road blocks of the Green Impact Zone check out NPR's article, Stimulus Funds to Make Kansas City Safer, Greener