Cleveland pushes for bike accessibility in the downtown

The bike movement has hit Cleveland and the city is responding by constructing a bike station that will offer downtown bikers a place to park their bike as well as have access to showers, changing rooms, lockers and even a small repair shop staffed by a mechanic. As Mark Lefkowitz of GreenCityBlueLake reports in Downtown bike station can catalyze mode shift, this bike station needs to be viewed in the context of a continuous movement: "Consider the question in the context of the region’s long-range plans for transportation investment. We are incorporating climate action goals in NOACA’s long-range plan. The next logical step is specific carbon reduction strategies such as offsetting Vehicle Miles Traveled by “X” percent. One way we reduce greenhouse gasses is to take cars off of the road. Investing in bicycling infrastructure can help."

Cleveland has the right mindset toward transportation; it is time that Ohio start looking at alternatives to the automobile, however one thought: What will bikers do during the winter?

  • See the plan and architectural drawings for the Gateway bike parking station here and here.