Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity Summit

For all of you who have a vested interest in the Great Lakes area, which bascially pertains to all Ohioans, an interesting Summit is set to occur in Buffalo, NY tomorrow to discuss new opportunities to create Great Lake Metros. The Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity Summit:Remaking Policy and Practice in a Time of Transformation, will discuss best practices in the implementation of the Obama stimulus, the prospects of regional planning and metropolitan governance, and the development of a sustainable and equitable economy in Great Lakes metro regions. There will be over 50 panelists from 10 major cities in the Great Lakes Area and it should prove to be an engaging experience. The discussion around creating metro areas that work together is an important one and Ohio needs to make sure they are involved in what is happening. We live in a regional economy and until Ohioans recognize this and cities, counties and townships need to work together if we want to grow the economy.