Alternative Energy still the alternative

Alternative energy seems to be a topic that is especially shaped by fluctuations in oil prices and by the ebb and flow of the mainstream media’s coverage. While many have claimed that alternative energy will be the innovation that sets the course for our future, it remains a subject that is urgent only when our wallets or pocketbooks are disproportionately thinned by energy costs. Indeed, alternative energy is, as its name implies, still but an alternative to fossil fuels.

However, since fossil fuels are a finite resource and a major source of pollution many argue that the privileged position of oil as the world’s source of energy will inevitably come to an end. Given this line of reasoning, alternative energy may represent an emerging market ripe for investment. In the context of Ohio, this last point brings up an important question: does alternative energy constitute an industrial sector that has the potential to transform Ohio’s economic woes? If so, to what extent should the state encourage and incentivize the development of an alternative energy sector? What are your thoughts on alternative energy as a long-term sustainable investment for the State of Ohio?