Vibrant Neighborhoods and Districts

Ever since Richard Florida popularized the theory that attracting the, so called, “creative class” can act as a means of economic development, there has been much interests in hip and up-and-coming neighborhoods and districts. The basic premise behind this idea is that cool districts and neighborhoods attract young, creative, educated and highly mobile individuals and that these individuals are a primary source of innovative efforts that lead to economic development. As this idea spread, cities across the county, both large and small, created local initiatives aimed at attracting the creative class through the development of unique and funky urban areas that catered to their tastes.

Ohio is no exception. Columbus commonly touts its alternative arts scene and the vibrancy of the Short North arts district; Cleveland has taken steps to create corridors of technology and innovation that center around world renowned institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic. However, while we often hear about examples of hip and cool areas and events in Ohio’s larger cities, there is less publicity of the efforts of smaller cities. In light of this, we would like to hear more about various efforts across the state that are aimed at creating districts and neighborhoods of choice. Please share your exciting programs and initiatives with us and the rest of our network.