Ohio’s Place in the Alternative Energy Sector

Two weeks ago we posted a blog entry that touched upon the potential role of alternative energy as a primary driver of economic development in Ohio. To this end, it thought that the alternative energy industry would create new jobs in Ohio’s manufacturing sector and also, improve our economic competitiveness in the globally competitive economy of the 21st century. Since this is an emerging industry, Ohio has the opportunity to become a leader in the research, production and exportation of alternative energy products and knowledge.

A recent report by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows the impact of the clean energy industry on job growth in a state by state manner. According to the study, Ohio has a strong presence in the alternative energy sector. In fact, Ohio ranked in the top ten for number of jobs, number of businesses and number of patents in the clean energy sector. Additionally, the Great Lakes Wind Network has an interactive map of the United States detailing the location of businesses involved in wind energy production. This map offers an interesting visual tool that shows which states, and regions, are leaders in the wind energy industry.

Reports and information, such as these, are encouraging signs for Ohio’s economic future and also provide validation that the alternative energy industry can be a source of job growth in Ohio.