University of Akron Making an Impact

At Greater Ohio, we often talk about the important role “anchor” institutions (universities, medical centers, etc.) play in Ohio’s metros. These institutions often provide a large number of jobs, contribute to a place’s social, cultural and human capital, and have a stake in maintaining the health of their community. The University of Akron is a great example of an anchor institution making an impact in their region.


The University of Akron is a national leader in polymer science and research. Recently, the university broke ground on its $13 million National Polymer Innovation Center. The center will encourage collaborations between students, researchers and companies to build new high-tech materials and other products. The university’s strong reputation in the polymer sciences has also helped the City of Akron attract a polymer-related industrial cluster. With the development of this new center, the mutually beneficial relationship that the university and city share has the potential to further strengthen.