Policy Bridge Releases Report to Address Investing in Cleveland Neighborhoods

Policy Bridge, a Greater Ohio Partner, released a report titled Rebuilding Blocks: Efforts to Revive Cleveland Must Start by Treating What Ails Neighborhoods that addresses the tough choices cities must make when choosing which neighborhoods to invest in. Greater Ohio is supportive of the recommendations provided in the report and it demonstrates another example of Cleveland turning the corner with new prosperity practices. Here is a quick blurb from the report…

Many Cleveland neighborhoods have fallen victim to a virulent consumptive disease. The national, and even international, media and politicians have largely misdiagnosed the illness, seeing the outward symptoms of blocks pockmarked by empty, decaying houses and pronouncing Cleveland a tragic victim – one of many – of the foreclosure crisis. In reality, the acute housing crisis has been an opportunistic infection that has ravaged an already weakened host. Less visible than the subprime scars, the more longterm symptoms of low educational attainment, high joblessness and pervasive poverty have left too many of Cleveland’s neighborhoods with a bleak outlook for recovery, or even survival, without radical, rational intervention.

To see the full report go to: http://bit.ly/3d7IGf