Brick Streets, Are they an asset?

Greater Ohio recently visited Findlay, Ohio to meet with newspaper editors and publishers from surrounding areas including Celina, Bowling Green, Mount Vernon, Upper Sandusky, Marysville, Fostoria, Delphos, Kenton and Bellefontaine.  Many of the people in attendance realize that their city is in disrepair and are looking to the Restoring Prosperity Initiative as a way to initiate change.

One example that resonated at the meeting occurred in Mount Vernon. The city, known for its historic beauty, is facing the decision between restoration or abolition of their historic architecture. Do you pay the extra cost to refurbish brick roads or do you pave over them?  In a first of many travel blog videos, Gene Krebs discusses this issue. Click to listen to Gene Krebs discuss Brick Streets, Are they an Asset?

Another issue Mount Vernon and multiple other communities face is how to attract the right businesses to the downtown area. They already have 3 coffee shops, they do not need more. How do you get the right clothing, art and food stores in your downtown area to attract the young and the restless?