Lavea Brachman Participates in Panel Discussion about First Ring Suburbs

Last week, Greater Ohio’s Lavea Brachman was a guest panelist on a CET Connect (Cincinnati Public Television) panel discussion about first ring suburbs. The discussion followed the airing of Crack in the Pavement, the first in a two-part documentary, that follows the story of two public officials and their efforts to keep their towns stable and healthy despite difficult times to repair and improve infrastructure and lure businesses. The New Metropolis, a two-part documentary, produced by award-winning filmmaker Andrea Torrice, is the first public examination devoted to the issues facing many suburban towns. Considered embodiments of the American dream, the first suburbs blossomed after World War II, bolstered by economic prosperity and government support. Now, many struggle with the same challenges as urban centers -- growing poverty, white flight, crumbling infrastructure, abandonment and the continual lure of newer communities further from the cities.

We encourage you to check out the discussion and hear about some of the things that are being done throughout Ohio to rebuild first ring suburbs.