Ohio Commission on Local Government Reform and Collaboration Cleveland Hearing Tomorrow

The Ohio Commission on Local Government Reform and Collaboration will hold a meeting and public hearing on Friday, December 4, 2009 at 10:30 am. The meeting will be held in the Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium of the Cleveland Public Library located at 325 Superior Avenue NE, Cleveland, OH 44114. Ample parking is available in surface or garages located around the facility. Testimony and input is being requested in three main areas:

1.) Recommendations that will encourage and incentivize local governments to collaborate

2.) Identification of local and state tax structure changes which would encourage collaboration or improve service effectiveness

3.) Identification of current/alternative service delivery models

If you are in the Northeast Ohio region and are concerned with the issue of local government efficiency we strongly encourage you to make the short drive to ensure that your voice is heard. If you cannot attend this meeting you might also consider preparing written testimony.

Greater Ohio, and its partner the Brooking Institution, have identified governance reform as an important issue to be considered as we work to restore prosperity back to Ohio. Governance reform falls within our larger agenda that is charged with increasing Ohio’s economic competitiveness and quality of life by focusing on the four drivers of prosperity in the 21st century economy: innovation; human capital; infrastructure; and quality of place. Again, we ask you to voice your opinion if you feel, as we at Greater Ohio do, that regional collaboration and efficient governance are critical to building a more competitive and prosperous Ohio.

The Local Government Reform Commission is legislatively created and consists of 15 members ranging from local officials to business people. It is charged with researching and writing a report that recommends reform and collaboration measures in order to improve local government operations and service delivery to create cost savings for taxpayers

For more information about the Commission visit its website at www.ohioreformandcollaboration.org.