Land Bank Bill Passes in the House

Along with stakeholders throughout Ohio, Greater Ohio Policy Center was pleased to see House Bill 313, the bill that would extend county land bank tools to an additional 28 counties in Ohio, pass the Ohio House this week with overwhelming bipartisan support. Co-sponsored by Representatives Peter Ujvagi (D-Toledo) and Roland Winburn (D-Dayton), this bill will allow local governments another powerful tool to use in addressing the aftermath of the foreclosure pandemic that has swept the state along with the growing number of vacant and abandoned properties. The Bill will next got the Ohio Senate, which has already held two hearings on the companion bill Senate Bill 188 cosponsored by Senators Mark Wagoner (R-Toledo) and Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo). Greater Ohio urges you to contact your state senator to encourage for the speedy passage of the county land bank bill in the Senate. It is critical that they hear from you over the coming weeks. With the wide array of issues facing the state, if they do not hear directly from you at the local level, they will assume there is not a pressing need and they will move onto other legislative items. Your calls are needed now.