Read the Compact with Cities Recommendations

If you're interested in reading the recommendations from from the Compact with Ohio Cities Task Force Report, click here. The Ohio Cities Task Force, a 29-member group representing Ohio leaders from a variety of sectors, announced a blueprint for redevelopment and smart growth in Ohio yesterday. Included in the task force’s recommendations were a number of policy and legislative initiatives that focus on strengthening Ohio’s urban centers. Specific recommendations were split among the following categories: land use; development; transportation; workforce and quality of life; and regionalism.  Led by State Rep. Mike Foley and vice chair State Rep. Sandra Williams, the committee also included Lavea Brachman, co-director of Greater Ohio and a non-resident senior fellow with the Brookings Institution.

The Recommendations for Redevelopment and Smart Growth in Ohio have been posted online, for those of you interested in the details.  Please share you opinions and comments here on our blog.