133rd General Assembly

Greater Ohio salutes Representative Steven Arndt, thanks him for leadership on Brownfields

As today marks Rep. Steven Arndt’s (R – Port Clinton) last day representing the 89th House District in the Ohio House of Representatives, the Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) thanks Rep. Arndt for his leadership as a champion for brownfield revitalization and his committed leadership and dedication to the 89th district and the state of Ohio. Over the past year, Rep. Arndt has been an active voice in the legislature to advance the conversation on brownfields. Through his committed leadership, Rep. Arndt championed HB168 which was unanimously approved in the House on May 30. HB168 will establish the bona fide purchaser defense, which will provide liability protection to potential purchasers of contaminated brownfield sites.

GOPC wishes Rep. Arndt well as he embarks on his retirement, and we thank him for his dedication to advancing brownfields as a vital piece to economic prosperity for Ohio’s communities.

Pro-Sprawl bill amended into House version of Operating Budget

Pro-Sprawl bill amended into House version of Operating Budget

The enactment of the so-called Affordable Homebuilding and Housing Act will subsidize unnecessary urban and suburban sprawl and fuel economically and environmentally unsustainable development across the state of Ohio. At a time when the state has an abundant supply of available housing and the lowest rate of population growth in thirty years, it simply does not make sense to incentivize this dangerous build-up at the expense of local governments. It is for this reason that GOPC opposes these provisions and is urging lawmakers to reject this cookie-cutter policy and leave such decisions up to local policy makers.