Columbus Welcomes CoGo Bike Share


The city of Columbus is one of 15 bike share programs around the United States with the most recent opening being New York City.  This form of alternative transportation has become a hit in larger urban cities like Chicago and New York because of the generational shift of preferences for transportation.  The Millennial generation prefers alternatives to driving a car and bicycling offers both exercise and efficiency on roads that are becoming safer for multiple modes of transit at the same time.

Alta Bicycle Share headquartered in Portland, Oregon; will be running the bike share in Columbus with 30 stations and 300 bikes to start off.  Memberships for a year are $75 while daily membership is $6.  Greater Ohio supports increased transit options and commends the city for taking action into their own hands.

CoGo has a mobile app that offers maps, station information, and history of trips taken on your bike.  Tracking the bikes will bring information about potential expansion.

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