Columbus Dispatch Shines Light on Ohio’s Reinvention Cities


The Columbus Dispatch gave front page coverage to Ohio’s smaller legacy cities this past Sunday. Two long-form articles reported on the innovative, creative, hard work that leaders in Marion, Springfield, Mansfield, Lima and other communities are carrying out to reinvent themselves. 

The great divide: Many Ohio towns left behind despite strengthening economy
(The Dispatch, Dec. 16, 2018)

Struggling Ohio cities searching for ways to reinvent themselves
(The Dispatch, Dec. 16, 2018)

The paper highlighted the disparate economic performance between Columbus and many other parts of the state, while also telling stories that are less told: that mayors, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, philanthropy, and average citizens love these communities and are investing in them.

The Greater Ohio Policy Center’s research on the conditions in Ohio’s small and mid-sized legacy cities was featured, as was our work stewarding the Ohio Reinvention Cities Network.

The articles make clear: Ohio needs state policies that help these communities reinvent.  Investing in the remediation of obsolete factories and buildings, increased resources for public transportation, and strategic technical assistance to communities that want to reinvent will support Ohio’s local change-makers, whose tenacity are building vibrant, economically competitive communities. 

GOPC stands with Ohio’s legacy cities in calling on Governor-Elect DeWine and the General Assembly to authorize the policies and tools that they need to accelerate their path towards revitalized, reinvented communities.

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