Greater Ohio Policy Center Announces Departure of Co-Founder and Executive Director (7/13/16)

Columbus, OH (July 13, 2016) – Greater Ohio Policy Center announces that Lavea Brachman, Co-Founder and Executive Director, will depart to take a position with the newly established Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation located in Detroit, Michigan.  
“We have been extremely fortunate to have had Lavea at the helm of our organization these last eight years,” said Peg Moertl, Chair of Greater Ohio Policy Center’s Board of Trustees and Senior Vice President, Community Development Banking, at PNC Bank in Cincinnati. “Thanks to her remarkable leadership and dedication and our highly professional staff, Greater Ohio Policy Center has pioneered policies and strategies that are revitalizing our cities and facilitating sustainable growth in communities throughout Ohio.”
Brachman has served as Co-Director and then Executive Director starting in 2008, leading a team responsible for developing and advancing policies and practices that value urban cores and metropolitan regions as economic drivers.
“I am deeply indebted to Greater Ohio Policy Center’s inspiring partners and dedicated funders and supporters from around the state and beyond,” said Brachman. “The organization is in an unparalleled position to continue with cutting-edge research, policy advancement, and application of best-practices around the state.”
Moertl noted the ongoing need in Ohio to create a political and policy climate that advances economic growth through urban revitalization, modernized transportation options, improvements to infrastructure, and talent retention within the state.
“Ohio continues to make progress in strengthening its cities and towns but sustained revitalization efforts at the state and local levels are critical.” said Moertl. “Greater Ohio Policy Center will be an on-going source of expertise on and continue to advocate for policies that make Ohio a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

The Board has appointed Deputy Director Alison Goebel as Interim Executive Director, effective July 31. Goebel has been with the organization since July 2010, and has authored a number of research reports and policy briefs related to the revitalization of economically challenged cities, transportation funding, and local governance structures in Ohio as well as conducting outreach and stakeholder involvement on behalf of the organization around these issues. 

As the new Vice President for Programs at the newly established Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation in Detroit, Brachman will guide the Foundation’s efforts in a variety of focus areas including healthy community design and access, and working class families in the regions of Southeast Michigan and Western New York.