ReBuild Ohio

ReBuild Ohio is a consortium of local governments, nonprofits and civic organizations, which was formed to address vacant and abandoned property issues in Ohio.  ReBuild Ohio does so by advocating for state-level reforms, reconnecting with our existing partners, working to build relationships with new constituencies, developing directions for a new policy and practice manual, and considering how land reuse policies relate to urban and metropolitan sustainability strategies in Ohio.

Specifically ReBuild Ohio, as a major initiative of Greater Ohio, will:

  • Promote revitalization and reuse of vacant and abandoned properties to enhance the quality of life for all Ohioans through research, advocacy and education
  • Advance new policies and tools designed to prevent and reverse the cycle of deterioration, and to reclaim and reinvest in all types of properties, including residential, commercial and industrial
  • Seek to improve existing code enforcement, land use, data information and other preventative tools, and to help develop new state laws and local policies for vacant and abandoned properties

The consortium published the report "$60 Million and Counting: The Cost of Vacant and Abandoned Properties in Eight Ohio Cities" (February 2008) to quantify the impacts of the vacant property crisis in Ohio and to advocate for state-level reforms.