Transportation Reform Memos

To attract and retain businesses and residents, states across the country are investing in diverse, modern transportation systems that support all modes. Ohio has a geographic advantage of being within 600 miles of over half of the U.S. and Canadian populations. To leverage this prime position, GOPC offers recommendations on ways to sustainably invest in transit, bike/ped, rail, deep water ports, airports and highways.

These memos support recommendations offered to the 2016 Joint Legislative Taskforce on Transportation Issues, which is charged with studying the effectiveness of current and alternative methods of funding Ohio’s transportation system. The Taskforce will be filing a report with recommendations in late 2016.

Model for Comprehensive Reform of Transportation Funding in Ohio.

This memo analyzes Pennsylvania’s 2013 comprehensive budget reform and identifies strategies that Ohio could replicate. Undertaking a similar reform in Ohio could produce more resources and re-calibrated funding to better fund all transportation modes, especially public transportation.

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Adjusting Existing Federal “Flex Funds” to Meet Demand for Improved Public Transportation in Ohio

This memo outlines benefits to “flexing” $30 million of Ohio’s federal dollars to public transportation. Ohio is the 7th most populous state in the country yet ranks 38th in state support of public transportation. The allocation of existing federal funds to transit could increase the state’s portion of transit funding by 33% and decrease support for highways by less than 3%. 

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Three Recommendations to Improve Impact of Ohio Motor Fuel Tax

This memo discusses the benefits of raising the state motor fuel tax, indexing it to inflation and removing, through statewide ballot, the constitutional provisions that restricts the gas tax’s use to highways. By the Ohio constitution, the state’s gas tax can only be used for highway construction and repairs. While increasing the gas tax is not a complete solution, it is a longstanding resource that will remain so for Ohio. 

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