Greater Ohio Sustainable
Development Awards

Every other year, GOPC presents The Greater Ohio Sustainable Development Awards. These awards recognize individuals and organizations working to create vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods, cities, and metropolitan areas throughout Ohio.

GOPC is now soliciting nominations for the 2019 Greater Ohio Sustainable Development Awards. Below are the descriptions for each of the four awards. The winners for each award will be featured during 2019 Summit on March 14th.

To view the 2017 winners, click here.
To view the 2015 winners, click here.

Joe Patton, Doug Arthur, Jeff Sprague.JPG

Public Sector Leader

This Award recognizes an entity or individual operating in the public sector who has exemplified outstanding leadership and innovation in advancing policies or programs that incentivize and enable community reinvestment and sustainable development in Ohio’s cities and regions.

Private Sector Champion

This Award recognizes an entity or individual operating in the private sector who has demonstrated a commitment to and excellence in investing in existing communities and strengthening local economies in Ohio. Their contributions foster a holistic approach to sustainable development, leading to environmental, social, and economic prosperity.

Nonprofit Sector Luminary

This Award recognizes an entity or individual operating in the nonprofit sector that has employed innovative thinking in working with communities to identify and address local needs and opportunities with distinction.

The Catalytic Partnership

This Award recognizes a cross-sector partnership that has had a measurable positive impact in a community or region in Ohio, and represents a model for creative and effective collaboration. Communities are strengthened when sectors work together to meet common goals for sustainable development.


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