Vision for Ohio's Reinvention Cities Receives Press Coverage Across Ohio

Historic buildings in downtown Portsmouth

Historic buildings in downtown Portsmouth

Last month, to present a bold vision for the future of their communities, a bipartisan, cross-sector network of leaders from small legacy cities have released “A Vision for Ohio’s Reinvention Cities.”

Endorsed by more than thirty organizations representing the private, public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, this forward-looking agenda outlines achievable state policies that are key to ensuring the revitalization of Ohio’s Reinvention Cities – legacy cities with fewer than 65,000 residents that have lost population since their 20th century peaks. The vision document proposes workable solutions that can be adopted by candidates and policymakers from both sides of the aisle as they work to strengthen these communities that are essential for ensuring Ohio’s future prosperity.

Newspapers from across the state have reported on how leaders from these Reinvention Cities are seeking to create supportive state policy that will aide revitalization efforts already underway. Below are articles published in the past few weeks about the Reinvention Cities network and their vision.  

Springfield among the small cities economic recovery is bypassing, report says
Matt Sanctis, Springfield News-Sun 6/11/2018

Hamilton, Middletown among Ohio ‘reinvention cities’ getting more attention
Mike Rutledge, Journal News 6/10/2018

AEDG working with legacy city reps to change policy
Josh Ellerbrock, Lima News 6/9/2018

Guest Column: Marion joins other 'reinvention cities' in advocating for policy changes
Dean Jacob, Pam Hall, and John Collier, Marion Star 6/1/2018

Strength in numbers
Tom Corrigan, Portsmouth Daily Times, 5/18/2018

Mansfield listed among reinvention cities by Greater Ohio Policy Center
Richland Source, 5/16/2018