House Moves Transportation Budget, work now begins in Senate

By Jason Warner, Manager of Government Affairs

The Ohio House of Representatives has completed its work on the State Transportation Budget, giving final approval to a budget which provides an increase in the state motor fuel tax (though not to the same extent as requested by Governor DeWine) and includes a significant boost for public transportation funding.

The House twice this week substantially increased the amount of funding available for public transportation through the use of FHWA “flex funding”. On March 5, the House introduced a substitute bill that increased funding from $40 million, as proposed by Governor DeWine, to $70 million per year. Then, on the following night, the House again increased funding, boosting the use of flex funding to $100 million per year.

Greater Ohio applauds the bold action of legislative leaders and providing for a substantial boost to transit funding through flex funding.

To learn more about the transportation budget, and what comes next as the Ohio Senate begins work in earnest on the budget, be sure to attend the legislative briefing and our public transportation panels during the upcoming Greater Ohio Summit on March 14 at the Westin Greater Southern in Columbus.